Client: BPAY Group
Sector: Finance

Tobias has been BPAY Group strategic design partner since 2016, working closely with its leadership team to transform the payments firm’s culture into one that lives and breathes human-centred innovation.

BPAY Group helps consumers and businesses receive, pay and store bills through the online or mobile banking platforms of more than 150 financial institutions. It processes around 1.5 million transactions a day, representing $1.3 billion in value.

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BPAY Group is focused on innovation and is strategically expanding beyond bill payments.

In 2016, BPAY Group made an intentional decision to strategically transform the business and an initiative was kicked off to establish an internal innovation capability, one that responds to rapidly changing market conditions and lowers the risk of initiatives by placing people, customers, partners and its own staff at the centre.

Specifically, the leadership team wanted to see if a Human Centred Design approach could work within its organisation, and if so, to lay the foundations for embedding this for future innovation. It also wanted to build internal capability, transfer knowledge, set up tools and techniques that could be used repeatedly.

Tobias facilitated workshop.
Learning through play in workshop activities enhanced engagement, empathy and learning when it comes to Human Centred Design.


BPAY Group selected Tobias because of our track record in leveraging human-centred design processes to drive business value and innovation. Tobias’ approach is to work with people in context to gain insights into how they think, feel and behave in relation to products, services and important ‘jobs to be done’. We involve business stakeholders and subject matter experts throughout to ensure insights and opportunities identified align with business goals and strategy.

Together with the leadership team we identified a business opportunity and a high value customer cohort on which to focus the initial experiment. The objectives were simple and ambitious:

  • prove the value of a human centred design approach to business innovation
  • involve BPAY Group staff in all aspects of this process, giving them the chance to learn by doing
  • document all methods and tools used along the way to promote the methodology internally

"BPAY Group's partnership with Tobias has been very rewarding. The staff they provided on our projects were of a very high quality and all work was completed on time and in budget. They also went beyond the remit of the project to help upskill internal staff on their methods. We have already used them for two initiatives and would definitely look to use them again." KEITH BROWN, General Manager, Product, Scheme and Business Development
Worshop participant creating a storyboard.
Ideation studios were held to apply research insights quickly.


The initial program of work delivered significant value. We identified 11 Opportunity Areas for BPAY Group to improve and evolve its customer and partner value proposition. We co-designed and prioritised a single concept to move into the design of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Working in partnership with Quickbooks we took an iterative, human centered approach to designing a brand new product, the BatchMaker which has been launched on the QuickBooks platform. The product allows small businesses to pay multiple bills at the same time resulting in improved cash flow and time efficiencies.

Tobias remain trusted partners of BPAY Group and together we've delivered three subsequent strategic design programs and continue to support its transformation agenda, providing HCD and Innovation training and capability building.

Desktop prototype.
The BatchMaker design continues to be iterated in market.
Design Thinking HCD Business Transformation Qualitative Research Testing Innovation Training