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Mikko Annala

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Mikko Annala

Governance Innovation Consultant

What is Rebels?


The world is moving at such speed. Business and governments are constantly navigating uncharted territories, and so are the people they serve. As Strategic Designers an important role for us is to help build awareness of how others are responding to global forces and signals of change, so they can learn, adapt, innovate and grow with a clear sense of purpose.


We understand that significant change never happens in a vacuum. We need to create partnerships with business and societies leaders - people who have the power to affect change. We also need to actively foster a community of change agents - people who seek a platform to make change happen.

Through this series of interviews and other initiatives we aim to provide the inspiration, the support, the tools, the insight and the context to empower our community to unleash their collective genius for the good of others both now and long into the future.


We’re interviewing inspirers and influencers across industries and disciplines.