Client: BPAY Group
Sector: Finance

Good Design Award - Gold Winner

BPAY—Australia’s most trusted bill payment system—has been leveraging design thinking and human-centred design to drive its transformation strategy. This places customers, partners and staff at the centre of their business. And, in just 3 years they’ve launched 4 new, customer-driven, commercial ventures.

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This is a great example of where strategic design and design thinking has been introduced to an organisation and resulted in a real and tangible outcome. It shows strong leadership from the CEO and ensured the whole organisation was involved.

Good Designs Award Jury


To succeed in a fast and competitive market, BPAY Group’s leadership wanted to create a strong strategy that focused on providing more value to their customers and create new revenue streams.

This was not a short-term fix. It required a strategic, operational and cultural transformation. Building internal capability so they can rapidly respond to market conditions and have a robust, innovative process to follow.

Ideas wall at BPAY


Using human-centred design (HCD), Tobias partnered with BPAY to launch a multi-tiered transformation program that included three 14-week innovation sprints. We wanted to define, test and rollout an innovation framework which drove commercial value from the core. To set this strategy up for success, we also focused on:


To support an innovative way of working, we collaborated with BPAY to adopt the right framework. We explored together to find the right methodology that fit within the BPAY Group culture.


Our trans-disciplinary approach involved a cross-section of BPAY Group, including the Executive team, BA’s, Architects, Marketing team, Engineers and Product Managers. We involved them in research, synthesis, analysis, journey-mapping, value modelling, prioritisation, strategic road-mapping, co-design activities, prototyping and usability testing.

Storytelling and graphic facilitation removed ambiguity, connected insights with action and built awareness. We worked in the open to show the value of design thinking.


We designed a program which aligns with the way organisational human-centred design maturity develops - from low awareness, ad-hoc activities to highly coordinated, organisation-wide and cross-silo practice.

We used two main forms of capability uplift: project-based and classroom learning.

For the project-based, BPAY Group people were embedded within the innovation process, playing a hands-on role. For the classroom, we ran our HCD Foundation course. Participants experienced first hand the value of collaborative and creative problem-solving techniques.

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The project has built capability across the organisation and is a key example of how strategic design and design thinking are relevant for every sector and industry.

Good Design Award Jury


Since 2016, BPAY Group has launched 4 new, customer-driven, commercial ventures. Our partnership clearly showed measurable value by protecting and growing core business and creating brand new products, services and revenue streams.

To ensure the ongoing success of this strategy, we also:

  • built internal design and innovation capability for operational improvements
  • embedded HCD methods and frameworks for repeated innovation sprints
  • increased BPAY’s reputation and brand equity by involving new and existing partners in the innovation process.

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Design ThinkingHCDBusiness TransformationQualitative ResearchTestingInnovationTraining