Client: Healthdirect
Sector: Health

Government-funded service Healthdirect provides free, trusted health information and advice to consumers 24 hours a day. They needed to understand how they could help customers in their broader, ongoing health journey, or “their Continuity of Care”. This was part of a larger strategic direction for Healthdirect to define their role in the Health industry.

DiscoveryField ResearchContextual InquiryQuantitative ResearchStrategy


Tobias were engaged to understand 3 key areas.

  • What services and features should be considered under the “Continuity of Care” umbrella?
  • How could Healthdirect create an account for their customers?
  • How could they use the data from My Health Record?


We conducted 16 interviews in participants’ homes across Sydney. It allowed us to explore how they are managing their health. Being in their context meant they could show us their files, paperwork, apps, IOT technology, computers and medication.

We interviewed 6 participants with chronic conditions, ranging from Kidney Stones to Polio. 6 Healthdirect users who had used the call centre for things like miscarriages, burnt fingers and migraines. 4 My Health Record users, discovering their tensions around this new government initiative.

We then synthesised the research findings and created areas to explore for concepting and ideation.


We provided Healthdirect with 5 strategic areas for exploration that they could take into the next phase of concepting.

These were supported with the research findings that covered pain points, insights and current behaviours.

Each of these key strategic areas were turned into How Might We statements that could be used to generate ideas and opportunities in the next phase of the design delivery process.

Healthdirect were given a clear path to create a concept for testing in market.

DiscoveryField ResearchContextual InquiryQuantitative ResearchStrategy