Client: QSuper
Sector: Finance

QSuper selected Tobias to help them define an exceptional Member Experience, one that answers immediate member and business needs and sets the direction for future growth.

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QSuper is the fund for Queensland Government employees and is one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds with over 540,000 members. A large proportion of QSuper members however have little or no contact with the fund.

QSuper were looking for a partner that could help unlock deep insights into their member’s needs, insights that would both inform the design of a first class customer experience for an industry first superannuation technology platform, and a Customer Experience Strategy to inform a roadmap of innovations mapped directly to member’s needs. In addition to this they were looking for a partner who could help them build tools and capability internally in Human Centred Design.

Collage of project activities


We took a collaborative approach, involving 40 QSuper members and more than 50 QSuper staff in a Human-Centred Design process. Starting with ethnographic research, we gained valuable insights into the lives of QSuper members, specifically, how members relate to their finances. Moving through the ideation process, concepts were taken through a robust, iterative cycle of testing solutions with end users. We then moved into the detailed product design of the service My Money Map.

We generated a huge number of insights and concepts which were refined and validated with end users and business subject matter experts. Through this process we communicated not only what the current tools should be, but what they should aspire to be in the future. We also identified some ‘wicked problems’ that nobody had solved and then designed pragmatic solutions to answer them. One of the great successes of the project was the way in which Stakeholders from across the organisation were engaged with the programme. This took the form of rich communications devices (posters, infographics, video and interactive models) and co-design activities which brought together a multi-disciplinary group which included C-Suite participants, vendors, subject matter experts and QSuper members.

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My Money Map launched in 2016 and won a prestigious industry innovation award. An equally notable success from this project was the way in which stakeholders from across the organisation were engaged with the programme and the broader concept of customer centred service design. Throughout the process QSuper staff got to learn, first hand, the value of deeply understanding their members’ contexts, behaviours and the value of responding to their needs.

Illustration of possible solutions

Qualitative ResearchStrategyInnovationCustomer Experience